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Webex upgrades available at Rutgers

Webex at Rutgers now supports the latest software for use with the web conferencing service.

Users are now able to download the new Webex app and experience an improved user interface and advanced, new features. The new version of Webex offers enhanced collaboration opportunities for users both during and outside of web conferences. These upgrades include:

Your personal AI assistant for Webex meetings

Get help with notes, receive reminders, set up real-time transcription and automated closed captions, and more during web conferences with the artificial intelligence-powered “Webex Assistant.”

Message through the Webex App

Users can send and read messages, create new communication spaces, and share files. The app takes Webex beyond web conferences and makes the service a more collaborative experience.

Closed captioning available easily for all participants

Any meeting participant can turn on closed captioning for their device with just one click, without the need for a host to enable it. While the feature is helpful for hearing-impaired participants to receive text of the audio on the screen, it also benefits those who may experience bad network connectivity, as they would still see the full text of the discussion without losing context from lagging video.

Get help breaking the language barrier

Webex provides features for foreign language transcription and large meetings hosting interpreters. As a paid add on to Webex meetings, hosts can set up a transcription from 4 language choices (English, French, German, and Spanish). Hosts can also invite interpreters, useful for large meetings where participants would be able to select their appropriate audio channel to understand the meeting.

More upgrades include:

  • Noise suppression focused on the speaker
  • Gesture interpretation
  • Slido integration
  • Security enhancements

New users who create an account can download the Webex app and access standard Webex meetings but will need to wait up to 24 hours to be able to use the new Webex experience.

The updated Webex app is now available for download. For more information on Webex at Rutgers, visit our Webex site.

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