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Write and edit with ease using new Microsoft Word features

Creating and collaborating in Microsoft Word documents has been given an upgrade thanks to new features that improve your ability to make comments and provide users with suggested text when typing. 

The features are being rolled out and will be available to the Rutgers community over the next few weeks. Students, staff, and faculty have free access to Word, as well as other applications in the suite of Microsoft Office products. 

Check out what will be at your disposal when using Word: 

Text predictions 

Speed up your writing and reduce spelling and grammar errors with text predictions for Microsoft Word. When typing, users will receive suggested text that can be accepted by hitting the tab key or ignored by just continuing to type. The feature will be able to provide recommendations based on your writing style. Text predictions will be enabled automatically when available and can be toggled on or off by choosing Review > the Editor dropdown menu > Text Predictions.

Comments design 

Comments will be easier to view thanks to a change in the design that provides users with a focused view of comments, as well as an optional “all comments” view via the Comments pane. Users can access comments with the Ctrl+Enter keyboard shortcut. 

Modern comments 

The comments feature in word will also receive upgrades to make it more user friendly. When you mention someone with an @, co-authors will not be able to see your comments before they are complete. Users will also be able to directly respond to comments from their email notifications. 

See details on free Microsoft Office products, including installation instructions, at ouMicrosoft Office webpage. 

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