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Get your podcast off the ground with the help of LinkedIn Learning

Do you have a message you want to share with the world? Podcasts have become an extremely popular form of digital content and entertainment. Allowing audiences to listen passively, podcasts are a convenient and intimate way of consuming information. 

Take the first steps of starting a podcast of your own with the help of these courses from LinkedIn Learning:

Producing Podcasts
This course covers the basics of what you need to know about podcasting, including how to identify your target audience, the recording and editing process, and how to upload episodes. 

Podcasting with GarageBand
GarageBand is an easy and inexpensive tool for creating podcasts. This course dives into the details of using GarageBand to create high-quality podcasts, discussing topics like picking a location, editing tools on the platform, and exporting your podcast.

Podcasting: Business and Law
When starting a podcast, it’s important to understand legal and business issues associated with the medium. Taught by an intellectual property law attorney, this course addresses government regulations, the use of music and interviews, and generating income in podcasting.

Producing Professional Podcasts
This course covers a variety of topics when it comes to starting a podcast, such as creating a budget and analyzing competition. It also dives into some of the more technical details, with digital video expert Richard Harrington discussing techniques for getting the most out of the tools available.

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