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Stressed out by remote work? Let these experts teach you to thrive

You need more than good software and ample bandwidth to make a successful transition to remote work.

You also need a plan for managing stress, building resiliency and maintaining your physical and emotional wellbeing.

It won’t be easy, but LinkedIn Learning can help, with this series of expert-led classes:

Thriving @ Work: the Connection between Well-being and Productivity  (41 minutes)
In this course, Arianna Huffington and Joey Hubbard — the director of training at Thrive Global — explain how you can reduce your stress, increase your well-being and enhance your productivity.

Managing Stress for Positive Change (57 minutes)
In this course, instructor Heidi Hanna, PhD, discusses what stress is, how you can train yourself to use stress in more effective ways and how managers can reduce employee stress when an organization experiences difficult times.

Building Resilience (34 minutes)
In this course, business professor Tatiana Kolovou explains how to bounce back from difficult situations by building your “resiliency threshold.” She outlines five training techniques to prepare for difficult situations, and five strategies for reflecting on them afterward.

Developing Resourcefulness (18 minutes)
In this course, Dr. Todd Dewett helps you assess your resourcefulness by first evaluating your professional resources (personal network, expertise, information, and access to finances) and explains how to decide when and how to use them.

Additional resources
The series is part of a larger collection that LinkedIn Learning has assembled for the millions of people who suddenly find themselves working, teaching or learning from home. The full collection has 16 courses in all and, like everything on LinkedIn Learning, it’s free to all Rutgers faculty, staff and students.

New to LinkedIn Learning?
Start here to learn the basics and set up your account.

Looking for more technology to help you work, teach or learn from home?
Technology guides for students, faculty and staff are available at the universitywide COVID-19 website.



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