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Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures

Agreement for Accessing University Information
Many faculty and staff have functions and responsibilities that require them to access information while supporting the university’s functions of education, research, and service. This document outlines the scope of the respective individual’s responsibilities.

Camden Computing Services Policies
Link to a list of Camden-specific computing policies.

Email and Calendaring Systems: Standards and Guidelines
These standards and guidelines govern the use of official Rutgers email and calendaring systems by faculty, staff, students, retirees, alumni, and guests.

Guidelines for Use of Email for Official Purposes
These guidelines are for using email to communicate with large numbers of people (over 50) for official University purposes.

IT Security Guidelines for Domestic and International Travel
Provides IT security guidelines and best practices when traveling with electronice devices.

New Brunswick Campus Computing Lab Usage Guidelines
This document defines Computing Lab regulations governing use restrictions for university equipment.

Residential Networking (ResNet) Guidelines
Students using computers in their rooms connected to the Rutgers network must follow rules regarding computer usage.

Rutgers Risk Management Program – Information Security
The Rutgers Risk Management Program allows senior managers to balance the operational and economic costs of protective measures and achieve gains in our overall mission capability by protecting the IT systems and data that support the institution’s missions.

Rutgers University Higher Education Opportunity Act Plan (HEOA)
Rutgers’ plan to comply with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), which covers copyright and intellectual property rights.

Security Best Practices
This website contains information about relevant policies and laws, as well as security best practices.

Telecommunication Division Guidelines
These guidelines cover telecommunications areas including network bandwidth, host removal, switch access, address space, video, etc.

SSN Disclosure Statement
This document explains the Office of Information Technology’s use of social security numbers.