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Enterprise Infrastructure operates and maintains central data center services in several locations on and off campus. With the shift to enterprise virtual/cloud infrastructure services and increased needs for research computing, co-location needs are provided on a case-by-case basis.


More efficient, reliable cooling and power delivery to compute than typical data rooms.

Increased energy savings in terms of cooling supported by hot/cold aisle configuration with hot or cold containment options.

Servers, storage, and network equipment are located in a climate-controlled environment with remote monitoring and automated alerting capabilities.

Power reliability and redundancy is achieved with power paths from the data center UPS to dual rack power distribution units (PDU).

Facility security includes restricted and audited key card access, monitored fire and life safety systems, video surveillance, and lockable rack space.

Life and facility safety is supported by fire detection and suppression technology, as well as automated and manual Emergency Power Off (EPO) configuration.

Data Center Service and Support

Report an incident, request a service, or get more information regarding all physical data centers and monitoring.

Virtual Infrastructure

Learn about our virtual infrastructure hosting environment.