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Annual Review 2019-2020

Keeping data safe

and organized

Data centers house our precious intellectual property

A major research university generates a huge amount of data, which is why Rutgers now has

7 geographically dispersed data centers

Together, they provide physical and virtual support for Rutgers’ academic, clinical, research, and administrative communities.

Two-step login keeps our data safe

All Rutgers community members can protect themselves against phishing and other cyber-scams by signing up for Duo. Greater security is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Sign in

2. Click to confirm your ID

3. Access your software

Virtual infrastructure provides tangible benefits

Faster provisioning and reductions in hardware and power consumption are just a few advantages of using virtual infrastructure from the Office of Information Technology (OIT), rather than purchasing and managing your own. The benefits of OIT’s server systems include:

  • scale securely
  • load-balancing
  • backup and restore capabilities
  • network monitoring and security
  • savings from economies of scale and reduced power consumption

malicious network attacks blocked

sensors monitoring the status of the power and cooling services across OIT-managed data centers, ensuring a reliable hosting environment for the University's critical compute, network and storage devices.


data center availability