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Enabling research


Build and support a world-class research computing environment


A nationally and internationally recognized leader in research computing to power advances in fields as diverse as autism research and climate science
An advanced computing environment will advance the university’s research and scholarly achievements through next-generation computing, data science, and creative learning. The research computing environment will be secure, accessible from anywhere, and designed to address the needs of researchers and scientists from all disciplines.

Key elements

  • Includes computing, storage, network, and sharing
  • Necessity to get research done
  • Addresses research scientist needs
  • Easy to use
  • Access from anywhere
  • Looking for solutions
  • Grants (agencies) are defining what needs to be available in the institution
  • Expectation for training classes, documentation, support
  • Secure environment for restricted data
  • Fast, reliable 24-hour response to problems
  • Includes a robust enterprise-wide ticketing system


  • Working with key stakeholders in the research community to grow, develop, and design a world-class computing environment
  • Establish and maintain an advisory committee
  • Build the support team
  • Define the funding model
  • Partner with network and data and collaborate on strategic initiatives
  • Define a sourcing plan for storage and computing (cloud services)
  • Develop security model
  • Develop plans for educational outreach, service and support, and training
  • Identify performance metrics for ROI and effectiveness
  • Develop change management and communication plan

Current initiatives

  • Expanding the Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC) program
  • Expanding the governance structure for research computing
  • Partnering with research units to shape and grow the services