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Webex quick start guide

Sign up for a Webex Account:

  • Faculty, Staff and Students can log into the Service Activation page with your NetID and password
  • Select the option for “Rutgers Webex”
  • Click the “Activate Services” button
  • After activation, wait 15 minutes before logging into
  • Guests who are interested in activating a Webex account should refer to the following page regarding guest access to Webex.

What Webex is right for me?

  • Meeting Center – Fully participatory meetings for up to 1000 people.
  • Event Center – Up to 10 people presenting to up to 3000 people with chat back
  • Training Center – Up to 10 people presenting to a group of up to 1000 people with break out rooms and enhanced chat back
  • For more information, please visit our Webex Suite Comparison Guide.

How do I join Webex?

  • If you have scheduled a meeting or been invited to a meeting, you will receive an email with directions on how to join a meeting:

meeting invite

How do I start a meeting?

  • If you are trying to start a meeting, sign into and select the “Start a Meeting” button on your home screen:

start meeting

How can I keep my meeting secure?

You can record meetings, events and training

  • To record in Webex, click the record button

webex record

  • Please note: It may take up to 24 hrs for your meeting to appear in the list of available recordings
  • For additional information, please read our documentation on Recording a Meeting

Webex Best Practices

  • Connect a few minutes early, if possible, to allow time for setup.
  • Keep your device (phone, computer, etc.) on mute unless you are speaking.
  • If you are sharing content from your device during a meeting, it is best practice to share an individual application instead of your entire screen. This will prevent attendees from accidentally seeing private/sensitive data you may have open on your device.
  • For more information on Webex best practices, please visit our Best Practices for Web Conferencing guide and the Cisco Webex guide.
  • As the host of a meeting, you may want to adjust your participant settings for the meeting. These can be changed throughout the meeting if needed:

Common issues:

  • Tips for connecting with a slow/weak internet connection
  • If no one can hear you, please make sure you are not muted. At the button of your screen you will be able to see if your microphone has been muted. A red icon means your microphone is currently muted, a grey icon means people in the meeting should be able to hear you.

muted  Muted

unmuted  Unmuted

Get Started with our Webex Meetings Training Video!

  • Please note that the training video is restricted to users on the Rutgers network, and as such will require use of the VPN if being accessed remotely.
  • View the training video.