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Zoom Migration Process

The OIT Help Desk is happy to assist you with transitioning your paid Zoom account into the Rutgers Zoom instance.

First, please change the email on your paid account to be in the format

After you have requested a migration, the Help Desk will send you an invite to the Rutgers Zoom instance.

You will receive an invitation similar to the example below:

After you select “Approve the Request” you will be asked to log into your current Zoom account.

If you have a free account, please select “I Acknowledge and Switch.”

If you have a paid account, please select “Join the Account” if you are ready to join the Rutgers instance.

If you are the account owner for a paid account, you should then see your account balance. When asked how to refund the balance please select “Refund to me”

You will then see a screen stating your account is being switched:

Followed by a screen stating your account has been moved:

Rutgers will then have some work to do on the backend before your account is fully ready to be used in the Rutgers environment. This work will happen between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Your account will be ready to use with your NetID and password on Wednesday morning.

To begin the process of migrating your paid account, please change the email on your paid account to be in the format, and send an email to