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Sharing your Zoom meeting or webinar securely

In order to avoid unwanted guests, it is important to be able to share your meeting information in a way that is secure. We advise that you configure your meeting or webinar with the setting options below to avoid any and all disruptions.

To help ensure security and prevent unwanted guests in your meetings or webinars, you should avoid sharing meeting links (which have your passcodes embedded) on social media, webpages, or other public forums. By sharing your meeting links publicly, you are increasing the risk of Zoombombing.


To begin, navigate to and select Sign in. Then sign in with your NetID and password, and select the blue Schedule a meeting link on the right side of the screen.

When you schedule the meeting here, make sure to select the box that says “Required” next to Registration.


If you want to edit an existing meeting, after logging in to you can select Meetings on the left side of your screen and then Edit to access these settings.


Once you save the meeting, you will now see a panel at the bottom of the page that shows settings, with the first tab being Registration.


There are two options that you can use here by selecting Edit depending on which level of security you prefer.

Automatically Approved (Not recommended) means that anyone is able to register with the registration link, and their registration will be automatically approved at which point they will receive the actual link to join the meeting. This can be helpful in that only users who take the time to register and fill out the requested information are able to get the join link, but as the registration is not restricted, it could still allow malicious individuals to get the meeting link.

Manually Approve means that the host of the meeting will need to actually go in and approve each person that registers before they are provided with the link to join the meeting. This requires more energy on the part of the host as they will need to review each applicant. However, it is the most secure option as all users will be vetted by the host.

You can view additional information about protecting your meetings on Zoom’s best practices webpage.


With either of these settings, instead of the join link, you will now see a registration link that you can copy and share to promote your meeting. This link only goes to the registration page for your event and as such is safer to share than the actual meeting link that allows someone to join.


Webinars (Recommended for public-facing events)

Webinars can be set up with the same configuration as described above, with the option to enable and edit registration settings in the same locations. Learn more about Zoom Webinars.

Unlike meetings, if you are conducting a Zoom webinar, you do not need to enable registration as attendees have limited ways to interact with the meeting host and other attendees. By default, Zoom webinars have all attendees muted unless they are added as panelists for the webinar.

For further security, you can also disable chat and Q&A features if necessary.