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Zoom HIPAA Account Changes [Changes go into effect the evening of 12/18/20]

The Office of Information Technology is implementing a change that will affect users within the Zoom HIPAA tenant. On the evening of Friday, December 18, all users that currently have a Zoom HIPAA account ( will be moved to a standard Rutgers Zoom account ( Your new Rutgers Zoom account will be fully HIPAA compliant.

This change allows users to have a fully functional Zoom experience with access to ALL available features, while still being completely HIPAA compliant. Additionally, if you are a user that needs to frequently schedule meetings on behalf of others, you will be able to do so seamlessly.

Following the December 18 migration, all Rutgers faculty, staff, and students who sign up for Zoom, will be given Rutgers Zoom accounts that are HIPAA-compliant, regardless of their PHI status.

Please note all current stored Zoom settings, personal meeting IDs and recordings will move to your standard Zoom account but after the migration occurs on December 18, existing Zoom meeting and personal room links will no longer work. 

If your account has been migrated, you will need to reschedule any of your previously scheduled meetings—that is, any meetings previously scheduled to occur after December 18—in your transitioned standard Rutgers Zoom account.

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To log in to your Rutgers Zoom account on the Zoom desktop client or the Zoom plugin for Rutgers Connect, select your add-ons from a new calendar event, select Zoom and then Settings.

On the Zoom login screen, enter and continue. Login and the plugin will be set up.

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