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How do I enable and control who should go in a waiting room for my meetings?

To enable waiting rooms for your meetings, navigate to
Select Settings from the menu options on the left, and then Security.
From this menu, you will see the option to enable waiting rooms by turning the toggle on as shown below.


Additionally, you can control who is put in the waiting room. If you select Users not in your Account, then users in your particular type of Rutgers Zoom account—either or—will be allowed to join your meeting directly, and other users will be put in the waiting room.

Lastly, you can choose the option Users who are not in your account and not part of the allowed domains and manually enter domains for users who you would like to be able to join the meeting without being directed to the waiting room, as shown below. You can enter domains in the format *, for example, * would allow anyone with a login address that ends in



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