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Shared Webex account basics

All shared Webex accounts need to be associated with a resource account in Rutgers Connect. A shared resource account is an email account that has its own calendar.

You can ask your Rutgers Connect domain admin to activate a shared Webex account for an existing shared resource account or your Rutgers Connect domain admin can make you a new resource account with a shared Webex account attached. You must have a personal Webex account before you can be listed as a delegate for a shared Webex account. Please refer to the Webex FAQ for how to create a personal Webex account.

If you are not a Rutgers Connect domain admin, you can still access the information for the shared Webex account by being a delegate for the account. A delegate for a Webex account can host and schedule meetings for the shared account. There is no functionality to log directly into a Shared Webex account. You can view meetings for the Shared account by logging into your own Webex account and clicking My Meetings. You can schedule meetings for a Shared account by following the Scheduling a meeting with a shared account page.

They can also log into the following tool to see the personal room URL, the host PIN and the recordings for all shared accounts they are a delegate for.

Please note: this tool will be the only location where recordings can be accessed for a shared account.

Webex Shared Account Tool