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Scheduling a Webex meeting with your personal account

After activating your Rutgers Webex account, a meeting can be scheduled via the web client or through the Webex extension in Outlook.

  1. Scheduling via the Web in Modern View:
    1. Go to and log in with your NetID and password.
    2. Click on the Schedule a Meeting tile.
    3. Fill out the topic, date, time, duration, and add attendees by email address.
    4. Click the Schedule button when done. If you are starting the meeting immediately, the button will say “Start” instead of “Schedule”.
    5. You can find your scheduled meetings when you click on Meetings on the left-hand side of the website. There is also a tile on the Modern View which lists your upcoming meetings (as a host or invitee).
  2. Schedule via Rutgers Connect on the Web:
  3. Schedule via Outlook
    1. To schedule Webex meetings via Outlook you will need to have the Cisco Webex Productivity Tools installed which are available in the “Downloads” section at You will need to have your Webex account before you can log into this page and download the app.
    2. Please note: If you are currently using the Cisco WebEx Productivity Tools with the Outlook desktop application, please follow the directions at How Do I Uninstall Webex Productivity Tools? before adding the Cisco Webex Meeting Scheduler. Meetings created with the Cisco Webex Productivity Tools cannot be edited after switching to the Cisco Webex Meeting Scheduler add-in. If you need to modify existing meetings, please do so in the Outlook Desktop application and prepare to transition to the Cisco Webex Meeting Scheduler.
    3. Open Outlook.
    4. Click on Calendar.
      1. Schedule a meeting via the Webex meeting on top.
      2. Or start a new meeting and select the Add Webex Meeting button from the Ribbon.
      3. Select your invitees.
      4. Send the meeting request.
      5. NOTE: The first time you create a Webex meeting you may be asked to set the settings for the meeting.
      6. These settings can be changed after they are set by selecting Change Settings in the Ribbon next to the Webex Meeting button.