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Providing IT support for Webex Meetings

All IT Support will be provisioned and licensed staff Webex accounts.

Information about Webex accounts

  • Individual Account Provisioning
    Users will be able to self-provision a Webex account via the Service Activation section of Users will also be able to enable this service when activating their NetID for the first time.
  • Shared Account Provisioning
    Shared accounts must be created by a Rutgers Connect domain admin. If you are a delegated admin, please see instructions on how to provision a shared account in the Delegated Domain Admin Guide.
  • Account Types and Features
    Webex supports several account types. Most users will only utilize Host accounts.
    NOTE: You do not need an account to attend a Webex meeting, and should not get a Webex account unless you intend to host meetings or manage a shared account.

    • Host Account – Webex Native
      • A host account is a licensed account capable of hosting meetings.
      • All host accounts must be licensed.
      • Host accounts that have not hosted meetings recently enough will be deactivated to manage license costs.
      • Faculty and Staff will be licensed in a manner that provides PSTN phone bridge capabilities.
      • Students will be licensed in a manner that does not provide PSTN features. They will have VOIP capability only for audio participation.
    • Shared Account –RU specific configuration of a host account.
      • Shared accounts are normal host accounts with the exception that they are not mapped to a NetID.
      • Shared accounts will not be able to be signed into under SSO.
      • Shared accounts must have one or more host accounts belonging to an actual NetID set to be an alternate host and delegated scheduler.
      • Shared accounts will be provisioned with licensing similar to Fac/Staff.
      • As currently implemented, shared accounts will not be supporting standing phone bridges for personal meeting rooms
  • Personal Account Requirements
    Users must hold an active faculty, staff or student role to self-provision a person Webex account. Guests will need to contact their Rutgers Connect domain admin if they would like a Webex account activated.
  • Shared Account Requirements
    A delegate requires certain information in order to use a shared account. Those things are:

    • A licensed host account.
    • The account must be on the list of delegated schedulers.
    • The account must be on the list of alternate hosts.
    • They need to know the host pin.
    • They need to know the room URL.