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Joining a Webex meeting with your personal account

There are multiple ways to join a meeting. Here are the two most common methods.

  1. Join a Meeting from an Email Invitation:
    • From your email application, open the meeting invitation.
    • Select the Meeting URL link to join the meeting.
    • If prompted, sign in with your profile information.
  2. Join a meeting from your Cisco Webex Site in Modern View:
    • Sign in to your Cisco WebEx at
    • In Modern View, you will have a “Join a Meeting” tile on the upper right-hand side of your screen. If you know the meeting number or the host’s Personal Room ID you can enter that information in the text box.
    • Any meetings that you have been invited to or that you are hosting will be listed under “Meetings” on the left hand side of the page. Click the green arrow button to join the meeting.
    • Note If you are the meeting host, select “Start Meeting”. The green arrow pointing down allows you to choose how you would like to join the meeting:
      • Always choose best option for me (Recommended) – Allows the website to choose whether you join the meeting via a desktop app or a web app. Only available for Windows and Mac users.
      • Always start/join from desktop app – If you do not have the desktop app installed an automatic download of the app begins.
      • Always start/join from web app – Joins the meeting via the browser.
    • Once you are placed in the web meeting room, you can join the audio portion of the meeting by selecting call using the computeruse the phone to call incall my phone, or use a hardware video system that you may have installed in your office/conference room.