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Hosting a scheduled Webex meeting on a shared account

You can host a meeting in a shared account’s personal room in through the following methods:

  • Web browser: 
    • Go to the specified meeting URL and when prompted enter the meeting password. By default, the invitation includes a URL with the password integrated into it and you will just have to click on it. Once there initiate the client of your choice.
  • Cisco Telepresence Unit (or other SIP hardware):
    • Enter the meeting’s SIP address. It will be of the format <meeting number> You will be prompted for the host PIN. Please note that hosting via telepresence units limits access to functionality.
  • Phone:
    • DON’T! Unlike a personal room that is always available to retry after initiating by phone, scheduled meetings have unique numbers which means if someone tries to initiate the meeting via phone it will never bridge, and your only option is to have all attendees dial in. Meetings should only be started by phone if you do not intend to make use of the video meeting functions.

Please note that once a scheduled meeting is started by an eligible host. If the meeting is explicitly ended, or the last attendee eligible to inherit hosting duties leaves and thus ends the meeting, it CANNOT be restarted. The meeting is complete and all codes and IDs for the meeting are no longer valid.