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Hosting a personal room meeting with a shared Webex account

You can host a meeting in a shared account’s personal room in through the following methods:

  • Web browser: 
    • Go to the Webex website ( and log in with your personal Webex account.
    • Once you have logged into your personal Webex account, enter in the personal room URL of the shared account into your web browser.
    • Delegates for the shared account can look up the personal room URL of a shared account using the Webex Shared Account Tool.
    • Your web browser should then navigate you to the waiting room for your shared account.
    • You will know you are in the waiting room for the shared account because Webex will give you a personalized greeting that indicates the waiting room you are in and identifies you as the individual host of the meeting.
    • Click the Start Meeting button and select your preferred client to launch.
  • Desktop Client:
    • With the client logged in, click the start meeting button.
  • Cisco Telepresence Unit (or other SIP hardware):
    • On the hardware, you should see a location to enter in an address. In this field, you will need to enter the SIP address for the shared account.
    • The SIP address for the shared account will always be based on the Webex ID of the shared account. For example, the SIP address for the account oitwebexhelp would be
    • The hardware unit will warn you that there is no meeting yet and will prompt for the host pin.
    • Enter the host pin per the on-screen instructions, and the meeting will start.
    • Delegates of the shared account can look up the host pin for the shared account using the Webex Shared Account Tool.
  • Phone:
    • This should not be done. Any meeting that is initiated via a phone dial-in and does not already have a participate via video will not work correctly. Please host meetings in shared accounts personal room via the other three methods provided.