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Attending a personal room Webex meeting hosted by a shared account

You can attend a personal room meeting hosted by a shared account through the following methods:

  • Web browser: 
    • Go to the personal room url and click the button to join the meeting.
    • Click on the url in the invite and click the button to join the meeting. Invites can be generated by scheduling a personal room meeting through outlook, or by sending an invite from the Webex client after initiating the host portion of a video meeting.
  • Cisco Telepresence Unit (or other SIP hardware):
    • Go to the “dialing” screen and put in the SIP address of the meeting which is in the format of <room name> In the example, it is
  • Phone:
    • The host can call an attendees number from the Webex video client. They will be called from a number in the Webex dial in pool near them. When answering the phone, follow the voice prompts to connect.
    • Once the meeting is in session, the host can get the meeting number and access code from the client. Dial in to any of the Webex phone pool numbers and use these to access the meeting. If the meeting was scheduled in a personal room via outlook, this information will automatically be included in the invite email.