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A presentation can be shared from another device using the Multi-Connector or via wifi/Bluetooth using Proximity.

  • Multi-Connector set up:
    1. Plug the Multi-Connector into your laptop.
    2. On the Cisco Touch 10 unit, there will be two options, Share in Call or Local Preview.
      1. Local preview will only be visible in your room allowing you to see what you will be sharing before actually doing so.
      2. Share in call will share your screen with all recipients on the call.
  • Proximity Set up:
    • In order to use Proximity, the Cisco Telepresence Unit must have Proximity enabled. The user should speak with their local IT for this.
      1. Proximity is an application which can be downloaded from
        1. Or from the Apple store or Google Play store respectively.
      2. Proximity laptop setup:
        1. After downloading and installing the Proximity application launch the application.
        2. The application will search the area for Proximity enabled CTU.
      3. Once a system is found the PC will be automatically connected.
      4. Once connected there will be two options, Share Screen or Make a Call.
      5. When connected this way the PC is effectively working as the Touch 10 unit.
    • Installing Proximity on a mobile device.
      1. Download the proximity app.
      2. Open the Proximity app.
      3. The Proximity app will begin looking for a Proximity enabled CTU.
      4. Once connected to a CTU the user can share or make calls.
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Speaker track allows the camera to follow whoever is speaking. Speaker Track can be enabled/disabled through the Touch 10 system.

  1. Tap the camera icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Flip the switch either on or off as desired. If the switch is highlighted blue Speaker track is enabled.
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When not in use the Touch 10 unit can be placed on standby.

  1. On the Touch 10 unit tap the unit name in the upper left corner.
  2. On the drop down tap standby.
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