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Opt-in to two-step login with Duo

Starting in July 2021, two-step login with Duo is required for most NetID login websites and services for faculty, staff, student workers, and guests.

The below instructions will allow others to opt-in to using two-step login for Rutgers University sign-in pages.

Note: If you have already enrolled a device for Duo-required applications, you do not need to enroll your device again.

Step 1:
On your computer, go to the Two-factor authentication set-up and management page. Enter your NetID username and password.

Step 2:
If you have enrolled, you’ll see the Duo Prompt. If you have not, please follow these directions before continuing.

If you have more than one device enrolled, like a mobile phone and a hardware token, you’ll see a device selector.

Select the device you want to use and then choose your authentication method.

Duo Push Pushes a login request to your phone or tablet (if you have Duo Mobile installed and activated on your iOS, Android, or Windows Phone device). Just review the request and tap Approve to log in.
Call Me Authenticate via phone callback.
Enter a Passcode Enter a Passcode Log in using a passcode, either generated with Duo Mobile, sent via SMS, generated by your hardware token, or provided by an administrator. Click Send codes to get a new batch of passcodes texted to your phone.


Step 3:
After you have authenticated, select Manage My NetID+User Account Opt in/out from the menu on the left side of the screen.

To opt-in, select the box that says Opt in to NetID+. It may be checked already when you visit this page. Click Submit.

You will now be prompted for Duo two-step authentication for all Rutgers University sign-in pages.