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Spam and Virus Filtering at Rutgers

What is Rutgers doing to manage spam?


Rutgers Connect

Rutgers Connect is a Microsoft product which provides its own spam filtering service.

Learn more about the Junk Email Filter (for the Microsoft Outlook application,) or learn about Junk email and phishing (for Outlook on the web.)


ScarletMail is a Google Gmail system. Spam blocking and filtering is controlled by Google and not OIT.

For information about Spam Filtering with ScarletMail please read:

Contact Information:

What should I do if legitimate emails are being blocked by the University Spam or Antivirus Systems?

If you find that delivery of legitimate mail is being affected by the filters please contact the OIT Computing Help Desk.

When contacting the OIT Help Desk please have as much information about the message being blocked as possible. Some information may include:

  • Address of the sender of the blocked email message
  • Time the message that was blocked was sent
  • The complete address that the blocked message was sent to
  • A copy of any error messages or notifications the sender of the message received.

If you receive a phishing scam or other malicious email, please forward the full email to

You can find more information about reporting abuse at