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Can an RBHS affiliate obtain a ScarletMail?

If you are an affiliate of the Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences department and are attempting to activate your NetID for the first time, you may receive an error stating that there is no email address associated with your account.  This is because those with an active RBHS role are typically flagged in our systems as having access to Protected Health Information (PHI) and, therefore, are not allowed to set a Scarletmail, EDEN, or RCI account as a delivery address for themselves.  RBHS affiliates may be able to obtain a Scarletmail but cannot use it as a delivery address nor as their primary email address.

The primary email service that is provided to RBHS users is Connect (Office 365). This service is better encrypted to keep protected information secure, however, it is not automatically activated for RBHS employees and must be requested by their respective department. Since Connect accounts are not automatically obtained like Scarletmail accounts, if an RBHS worker does not have one upon activating their NetID they will be prompted with an error message.

RBHS users are only allowed to set a delivery address that is an RBHS email account. They are only allowed to use their alias or RBHS email account as an official Rutgers email address and are not permitted to forward their RBHS email to another account.

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