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How can I forward my ScarletMail mail to my non-Rutgers email account?

We do not recommend doing this. Students are required to have ScarletMail accounts so that they can receive official messages from Rutgers. We cannot guarantee delivery of official Rutgers email to non-Rutgers accounts.

The recommended way of accomplishing something like what you want is to list your personalized address as your official Rutgers address. You can then have that alias deliver to both your ScarletMail and your external account addresses.  You can prefer to read the copies on the external account, but if a message fails to be delivered there, you can find the copy on the ScarletMail account.  Please make sure to log into your ScarletMail account every so often to delete any unneeded duplicate messages.

You can make the above settings through the “Manage Email Addresses” link on the website.

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