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RUWireless Secure Android setup

How to set up RUWireless Secure on Android

There are a lot of different manufacturers of Android devices. Many of them have different tweaks to the interface. Navigating through menus and settings will look different depending on your Android version and manufacturer.

If you encounter any issues during the installation please follow the semi-manual then the fully manual setup instructions.

Connect to RUWireless

Open your WiFi settings and select RUWireless from the list of available wireless networks.

Andriod wifi network list

I have a NetID/Guest Access Screen

Open your web browser and you should be redirected automatically to the page below, if you are not please go to

Sign in to wifi pop-up screenshot

WiFi Redirect

After clicking “I have a NetID and Password” you will reach the page below which explains the RUWireless Secure network.

Join RUWireless Secure screen

Download the SecureW2 application

This will redirect you to the RUWireless Secure Installer. Click “Download” next to step 1 to install the required application.

Andriod certificate download page screenshot

Download the SecureW2 application

When you tap on “Download” the Google Play Store will open and you will need to select “Install.”
If you are unable to download the application, or are not properly directed to the Play Store please see the alternate setup instructions.

SecureW2 JoinNow app download page screenshot

Download the SecureW2 application

Tap “Accept” if so prompted for app permissions.

App permissions prompt screenshot

Download the RUWireless Secure Configuration

Once the SecureW2 application installation finishes, return to your web browser and select “JoinNow” on the same page you opened before. If you are not returned to this page, please navigate to in a web browser.

Andriod certificate download page screenshot

Login to RUWireless Secure

The SecureW2 application will be brought up and you will be prompted to login using your NetID and password.

JoinNow app network login page screenshot

Installation complete!

Once you see this screen, the setup process is complete and you can browse the internet via RUWireless Secure.

JoinNow app successful connection screenshot