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RUWireless Secure Android manual setup

Android fully manual setup

  1. If you currently have the SecureW2 Android App (JoinNow MultiOS) please uninstall it from your phone.
  2. Go into WiFi settings and press and hold on RUWireless Secure and RUWireless and select forget network.
  3. Android Wifi Screenshot

  4. Navigate to in the browser of your choice, but this time at the bottom please set “Select your device” to Unknown.
  5. RUWireless Secrue config webpage screenshot

  6. From the list of CA Certificates, please download the first one labeled “USERTrust RSA Certification Authority ( Jan 18 2038 )”
  7. RUWireless Secure Certificates

  8. Once this certificate has downloaded it should prompt you for your device password (if applicable) then it will install. If it does not please select it within your notification bar. When installing the certificate please enter a name of your choosing for easy identification, and set “Used for” to WiFi and then touch ok.
  9. Adding certificates screenshot

  10. In WiFi settings, select “Add Network” and enter the information below.
    Network name: RUWireless Secure
    Security: 802.1x EAP
    EAP method: TTLS
    Phase 2 authentication: PAP
    CA Certificate: (the previously downloaded certificate from step 5)
    Identity: Your Rutgers NetID
    Anonymous identity: leave this field blank
    Password: Your Rutgers NetID Password
    If you are on Android 9 or greater:
    Hidden Network: Yes
  11. Adding RUWireless Secure screenshot

  12. Make sure “Auto Reconnect” is selected then touch Connect

If you are unable to connect after trying the two methods above, please contact the OIT Help Desk.