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RUWireless Secure Android alternate setup

If the standard setup instructions do not allow you to connect, please try the steps below, then the fully manual setup instructions.

Android semi-manual setup

Please Note: If you were previously on the RUWireless network and clicked “I have a NetID and Password” you will need to wait about five minutes for the session to timeout.

In lieu of using the RUWireless network, this process can also be completed on mobile data, if doing so please skip to step four.

  1. Open your WiFi settings and select RUWireless from the list of available wireless networks.
  2. Andriod wifi network list

  3. Open your web browser and you should be redirected automatically to the page below, if you are not please go to and click “I want Guest Internet Access”
  4. Sign in to wifi pop-up screenshot

  5. Accept the terms and conditions of Guest Access
  6. Wifi terms and conditions screenshot

  7. Navigate to in the browser of your choice, then click “Download” next to step 1.
  8. Certificate download page screenshot

  9. When you tap on “Download” the Google Play Store will open and you will need to select “Install.”
  10. SecureW2 JoinNow app download page screenshot

  11. If so prompted, accept the applications’ permission requests.
  12. App permissions screenshot

  13. Go into the JoinNow MultiOS application and touch “Search and Setup New Network.”
  14. JoinNow app homepage screenshot

  15. Enter “” (without the quotation marks) into the Domain field and leave the Code field blank, then press continue. It may take some time to locate the necessary configurations.
  16. JoinNow app domain page screenshot

  17. Touch the option RUWirelessSecure (it should be the third option down).
  18. JoinNow app network select page screenshot

  19. Enter your NetID and Password when prompted then press continue.
  20. JoinNow app network login page screenshot

  21. You should be notified when the configuration is successful allowing you to access RUWireless Secure in all supported locations.
  22. JoinNow app successful connection screenshot

If you are unable to connect after trying the method above, please try to attempt manual setup.