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How do I connect to RUWireless – for onboarding and guests

RUWireless is a wireless network available to the visitors of Rutgers University. The network allows campus guests and visitors access to the wireless network while on campus for web, email, and communications needs. This is an open wireless network, with specific service restrictions, that provides no privacy for your data.

Intended Use

This network does not require authentication and is not encrypted. The network is provided for visitors and short-term guests and has limited access to the Internet. The RUWireless network is meant for normal web browsing and some services are restricted. CAS is specifically restricted so that Rutgers students, faculty and staff must use RUWireless Secure. More information about RUWireless Secure can be found here.

Why use RUWireless?

  • Guest access – visitors to the University receive access to an unencrypted wireless network which does not require authentication.
  • Onboarding – affiliated students, faculty, and staff can use RUWireless in order to initially connect to the Internet and configure RUWireless Secure

For step-by-step instructions, follow the link below:

If you are a faculty or staff member with a guest that doesn’t have a NetID and password and has wireless access needs that aren’t fulfilled by the RUWireless (Guest) network, please contact with the use case for your account request.