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I can connect to RUWireless, but I am not redirected to the login page. Is there another way to login?

If you are in a RUWireless coverage area and connected to RUWireless, then you should get redirected when you attempt to load any Rutgers or external webpage. If you do not get redirected, you should try to refresh your browser after 45 seconds. In some cases when you first connected to a wireless network, multiple applications and/or browser extensions can try to update all at once, making our system think your computer is infected with a virus or spyware. This will cause you to be put in a penalty role for 30 seconds. After those 30 seconds, you will be released from this role. Restarting your browser will not help fix this problem. Restarting your browser will just cause all of your extensions to be reloaded thus causing the same problem again.

In other cases, the webpage you are trying to reach might not be redirectable. We are unable to redirect all SSL encrypted pages (https) and a few other pages. So try to load another webpage such as,,,

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