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Setting up an Android (Marshmallow) device with Rutgers Connect

The following documentation will walk through the process of connecting an Android (Marshmallow) device to Rutgers Connect (Office 365).

An email of the Gmail mobile application's add account menu.

Open up the email app on your Android device and add an account. Choose Exchange and then click Next.


An image showing the option to input your Rutgers email address after choosing "Exchange account".

For “Enter your email” type in your Sign In address. This will be in the format of If you would like confirmation on what your Rutgers Connect sign-in information is, please visit the Manage Email address page at Your sign in name can be found in the Rutgers Connect Account Information section. Click Next


After entering a Rutgers email address, the option to enter your password will appear.

Enter your Rutgers NetID Password


An image showing the fields for "Server", "Port", and "Security Type".

Scroll down the screen and enter the following:

  • Server:
  • Port: 443
  • Security Type: SSL/TLS
  • If there is an area to enter a domain, this should be left blank.

Click Next


An image showing the email application validating one's credentials.

The Email app will now check your settings to make sure they are correct.


An image showing the Remote security administration warning screen.

Press OK when asked to continue on the Remote Security Administration screen.


An image of the Account Options screen.

The next screen is the Account options. This is the data that you would like to sync, and how often you would like to sync this data. Click Next.


An image showing the screen that would ask one to activate a device/phone administrator.

Phone Administrator must be accepted in order to use the application. This allows you to wipe or block your device from the OWA interface (Options->General->Mobile Devices) in case it’s lost or stolen. OIT will not take any of these actions except in extreme circumstances, and will always attempt to notify you if it is necessary. Please read the operations the app is allowed to perform on your phone before accepting. Click Activate


An image showing the option to name a newly added account.

After this the setup is complete and all that is needed to be done is to name the Account which is how it will appear on the email selection list. Click Next


An image showing the update security settings window.

You may be asked to update your Security Settings. Please click Ok.