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Removing and re-adding Mobile Device Management on iOS devices

1. Open the Intune Company Portal app on your iOS device. Select the “…” icon located on the main screen.

Intune company portal

2. Select “remove device”.

remove device from company portal

3. Select “remove”.

confirm removing device from company portal

4. On the bottom right-hand side of the screen, select “more”. Then select the “Sign Out” option.

sign out of company portal

5. The Intune Company Portal App will then prompt you to “Sign In”. Select the “Sign In” button.

sign into Intune company portal

6. You should be prompted with the option to re-login with your Rutgers Connect account. If your Rutgers Connect account is presented, please select it. If you do not see an account listed, select the option to “Sign in with another account”.

select account to sign into company portal

7. After selecting your account, select the “Continue” button.

select account to sign into company portal

8. Select “begin”.

begin setting up management profile on mobile device

9. Select “Continue”.

Rutgers permissions and access on management profile

10. Select “Continue”.

procedure to set up management profile

11. Manually navigate to the Profiles section of the Settings app (Settings > General > Profiles).

Install management profile on mobile device

12. Enter your device password.

enter mobile password to continue management profile installation

13. Accept the root certificate by selecting the “Install” option.

Confirm installing management profile

14. Select the “Trust” option.

Trusting remote management to install profile

15. Select “Done”.

Management profile installed

16. Your device will require the following page to be opened. Please select “Open”.

Open company portal

17. The Intune Company Portal App will confirm your device is in compliance. If there are settings without a green checkmark, select the outstanding setting to have it updated to our compliance standards. When all settings have a green checkmark, select “Done”.

Finished setup of management profile

18. Open your preferred mail client on your device. You should be prompted to enter in your credentials for your Rutgers Connect account.