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Introduction to Planner

1. Navigate to

2. Log in with your email address and password.

3. Access Planner one of two ways after logging in – either from the waffle icon in the upper left-hand corner or by clicking on the planner icon near the right-hand sign of the screen in your app launcher.

4. ‘Planner Hub’ displays your favorite plans up top, along with all of the other plans you’re assigned to on the bottom. This gives you a quick look at the tasks that are completed, late, which tasks haven’t been started yet or which tasks are unassigned.

5. After clicking on the plan you’re going to be presented with a list of your buckets. Buckets are ways for the planner to group your tasks. One way to use buckets, for example, is to assign them to your different team leads to get a visualization of the tasks each member of your team is responsible for. You could also label your buckets as specific initiatives or deliverables in a plan as well. Regardless of how you choose to use your buckets, it’s important to remember that they are essentially repositories for your plan’s tasks.

6. You can add or delete buckets by clicking on “Add Bucket” up top. To delete or rename a bucket, click the three-dot “…” icon beside the bucket name.

7. To create a task beneath the bucket, click on the “+” icon. This will add a new task, which you can then set a due date for, assign the task to a member of the group, and add additional information, like a checklist, real-time comments, description, uploading attachments, dropping links, etc. You can be as granular as you want to be with your tasks. You can even assign tasks by dragging and dropping them under other buckets.

8. One way of adding new members to a plan is to click “Members” on the top right-hand side while in your plan. Start typing an email address or name and Planner with auto-populate members from your Office 365 address book.

9. You can also view your Planner’s tasks by clicking on “Charts”. It provides a different visualization of the same data under the “board” view, just in a different way.

10. If you wanted to access your planner’s Notebook, calendar, see a list of members, or other options, click on the ellipsis “…” menu item by clicking up top.