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How to share a resource account calendar

Please note the following instructions are only applicable for users who have full access to the resource account.

1) Log into the resource’s calendar.

2) In the left pane, you will see a list of Calendars for the resource. Right-click the Calendar you want to share and select “Share Calendar”

3) In the “Share with” field, enter the name or email of the user you want to share the calendar with, then select them from the results menu below the search field

4) For each user you add, select the level of access they should have for the calendar.

  • “Availability only” means they will only see events as free or busy, and cannot see subjects or details
  • “Limited details” means they will be able to see subjects of events but cannot see details
  • “Full details” means they will see subjects and details for events
  • “Editor” means they can also add or edit events
  • “Delegate” means they will receive copies of all events for the calendar in their personal inbox and can accept/decline events on behalf of the calendar

5) Once you have made all your changes, click “Send” at the top of the right pane