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Enabling mobile device management on iOS devices

1. Open the Settings app and check if there are any mail account configurations connecting to Office 365.

Check for existing Office 365 mail account configurations

2. If an Exchange mail account connecting to is found, delete it. Failure to delete this may cause the compliance check to fail, or to get stuck on the “Checking compliance” step. New mail account settings will be downloaded automatically after the device is secured.

Remove existing Office 365 Exchange mail accounts

3. Open the App Store. Find and install the Intune Company Portal app and enroll the device. An Apple ID account will be required to download and install the app.

Install the Intune Company Poral app in the App Store

4. Follow the prompts to complete device enrollment, iOS Management Profile installation, compliance, and activation. You may be required to change the device’s passcode.

Change device passcode if required

Complete device enrollment, iOS Management Profile installation, compliance, and activation

5. After a compliant passcode has been entered, the device will be secured and access to e-mail, calendar, and University data will be granted. The Office 365 Exchange mail settings will be automatically configured.

6. If the mobile device has been previously configured to access Rutgers email through Exchange you must remove the old exchange settings as illustrated.

Remove old exchange settings

7. Press the Home button to return to the Home screen.

8. The Apple iOS mobile device configuration is now complete.


  • If the compliance check screen remains for more than 5 minutes, force-close the Company Portal app.

Force-close the Company Portal app

  • Proceed to step 1 and 2 to check and remove any existing Office 365 account configurations.
  • After completing steps 1 and 2, reopen the Company Portal app and follow the prompts to continue enrollment.
  • When opening the Company Portal app, you can force the device to check compliance by tapping on the “Sync” button

Continue enrollment and force compliance check through Syncing

  • If enrollment stops and remains at this screen, tap the refresh icon to continue.

Tap refresh icon to continue enrollment