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How do I change how my name is displayed in Rutgers Connect?

By default your name in Rutgers Connect is displayed as it appears in the payroll system. If you are in the process of a legal name change and your name will be changed in the payroll system, this change will be reflected in Rutgers Connect as well after it has been processed.

If you want your name displayed differently than how it appears in payroll, you will need to speak to your Connect domain administrator. Not all changes are allowed, as your name must still be able to identify you. Listed below are some common examples of acceptable display names.

  • Using an abbreviation of your first name (eg. Bob instead of Robert, A. instead of Arthur).
  • Displaying your middle name instead of your first name, or an abbreviation or common form of your middle name.
  • Displaying a nickname instead of your first name.
  • Displaying your first name (or alternative forms) and last names in a different order.

Please note that this change will only affect the Global Address List. If anyone has you manually saved as a personal contact, that name will not be affected by the global change.

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