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How can I see which of my invitees are available at a certain time when creating a calendar event in Rutgers Connect?

Office 365 allows users to view the availabilities of all relevant parties when setting up an event, making scheduling easier.

To make use of this feature through OWA (, create the event and then invite participants using the “People” tool on the top right. When you add participants, they will show up below in the “Attendees” list with their Free/Busy status. You can change the time or date of the event and the participants’ statuses will update accordingly, helping you to find a time which works for everyone.

If you use the Outlook desktop client, create the event and then select “Invite Attendees.” As you add participants, a list of possible meeting times will update to indicate whether everyone is free at that time or if there are participants who would not be able to attend; in the latter case, these participants will be named along with their conflicting event. Additionally, there will be a calendar with Good, Fair, and Poor (based on the total availability of all participants) days for the meeting marked.

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