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What are the Security Features of Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)?

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) acts as a second layer of protection for attachments and links included in email messages for Rutgers Connect. ATP is compromised of two components:

Attachment Scanning:

All attachments never before seen by Rutgers Connect, including those attached to external and internal messages, will be thoroughly checked for any possible malware components by ATP.   If ATP detects a malicious attachment, it will remove the attachment and deliver the email with a note regarding the removed attachment.

This scanning may delay the delivery of a message by a few seconds or minutes.

URL Scanning and Wrapping:

ATP will scan and follow all web addresses (URLs) arriving from outside Rutgers Connect for known malicious content, including both malware and phishing sites.  Links viewed in plain text mail will be rewritten to link first to a address and will likely be longer than the original URL. Non-harmful links will act normally when clicked on, while links identified as harmful will redirect the user to a warning page.

The protections afforded by ATP also extends to Office 2016 ProPlus desktop applications. Harmful links found in Office documents will be protected by the same webpage-scanning and link-blocking technologies described above, adding a layer of protection to the desktop environment.

Additional information regarding Advanced Threat Protection for Rutgers Connect can be found at

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