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RAMS troubleshooting guide

Troubleshooting Sending Issues

  • I submitted a message to a list, but nothing happened.
    Many lists are moderated and your message will not be delivered until a Moderator has approved it.

Approved messages will be delivered immediately if the list has no primetime hours set or if the message was sent during the list’s primetime hours. For lists with primetime hours, any messages sent outside those hours will be held until the list’s primetime.

If the primetime hours have passed and you have not seen your message and cannot find it on the archives, you should contact the list owner and ask about the email’s status. To do so, send an email to (replace listname with the actual name of the list).

  • Messages are sent twice.
    This is most likely a problem with your email client or server. Contact your local Help Desk for assistance with this issue.


  • Subscribing to a list.
    Many lists will accept additional recipients. Contact the list owners with an email to (replace listname with the actual name of the list) and explain your request to be added to the list.
    Support Staff does not have the authority to add you to these lists.


Troubleshooting Recipient Issues

  • Changing a recipient’s email addresses.
    RAMS delivers mail to the email address listed in the Rutgers Online Directory. If a user is no longer receiving emails at that address, they must visit the NetID Management Tool web page and click the “Manage Display Address” tab to change the email address. If the listed email address is correct and they are still having difficulty receiving mail, they should contact their campus Help Desk for assistance.


  • Some people are not receiving emails from the list.
    Verify that those who did not receive the email are on the list.
    Verify that the people who did not receive the message are reading emails from the address listed in the Rutgers Online Directory. This is the email RAMS uses to deliver mail. If they are using the address listed in the Rutgers Online Directory, ask them to check their Junk or Spam folders. If they still cannot find the message please contact your local Help Desk.
    If they are reading the email from an address other than that listed in the Rutgers Online Directory, please ask them to read their email at that address and/or update their Directory entry. They may update their entry by visiting the “Manage Display Address” tab in the NetID Management Tool.


  • Receiving unwanted email.
    RAMS lists are generated with demographic data. If you are receiving mail from a RAMS list it is because you fit the demographics for that list. Examples are all students in a course or all full-time Newark employees.

    If you believe you are receiving a RAMS list you should not be, contact your local Help Desk and ask them to check to see if you are receiving email in error. If the Help Desk is able to verify an error, you will be removed from the list. If the Help Desk is unable to verify the error, they will not be able to remove you from the list.

    You may contact the list owners by sending an email to  (replace listname with the actual name of the list) and request that they remove you from that list. Please keep in mind that these are official University lists and the Administrators are not required to remove you just because you do not wish to receive the list email. Some of the official announcements are made by the university under legal obligation.


Troubleshooting Moderation Issues

  • I can moderate messages through the web, but not via email.
    Verify that your email address is listed as a moderator for your list. If it does not match, either send your approval messages from the address listed as a moderator or update the listed email address.

    If your email address does match the listed moderator address, please contact your local Help Desk and ask them for assistance.


Troubleshooting Administrative Issues

  • I cannot log into the webtools.
    Your NetID is needed to login to the RAMS administrative features.
    Your NetID is your username on the RCI system and your password is the same as your RCI password.
    Enigmatized users must use their enigma password to login to RAMS.
    If you believe you are entering your NetID and password and you still cannot log in, please contact your local Help Desk and ask them for assistance.
  • A member of my list does not want to receive email/wants to be removed
    RAMS lists are populated based on rosters or demographically selected members. RAMS does not allow you to remove members from those lists. If a member of a list does not wish to receive these emails, and the list Administer (professor or department chair) approves, you can turn off mail delivery for those members who do not wish to receive email. See the section on altering a user’s configuration on the Using the RAMS List Manager page.