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Enterprise Document Solutions typical service engagement

Chart for EDS Typical Service Engagement


The Enterprise Document Solutions team has developed a standard for service engagements to ensure a great outcome and partner satisfaction. The graphic above is a high-level overview of the project phases, while the table below goes into detail about the different phases of a service engagement.


Project phaseDescriptionDeliverables
PlanThe OIT Enterprise Document Solutions team will be working with the partner to confirm project scope, set the project schedule, and identify partner & vendor resources. Project Management, IT, and Business Owner resources will be required to take part in this phase for a variety of tasks. Approval on the project scope and project timeline is required from the partner and OIT in order to move forward to the Design phase.
  • Project Charter/Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Project Timeline
  • Project Status Reports
  • Technical Documentation
  • Design Schedule
DesignDiscussions including industry best practices, while maintaining awareness of project scope. All solution requirements will be documented within the design document. Partner resources will be actively engaged in design discussions, mock-up reviews, and will provide requested deliverables prior to final design requirements approval. Design approval is required from both OIT and partner representatives before moving to subsequent phase.
  • Design Document
  • Partner approval of Design Document
  • Partner Design Deliverables
  • Design Status Reports
  • Test Case Template
  • Project Status Reports
  • Project Status Meetings
BuildThe solution components will be built and tested, prior to the commencement of the Deliver phase.
  • Preliminary build of solution
  • Project Status Reports
  • Project Status Meetings
  • Deliver schedule
  • Complete software installation
DeliverConfiguration, training and delivery of the customer approved solution. The partner’s designated super user(s) will need to be involved and actively engaged during this phase of the project. After the delivery is complete the customer should proceed with testing with OIT Enterprise Document Solutions support.
  • Ordered hardware to be delivered
  • Product quick reference guides provided by EDS
  • Partner sign-off on delivered solution/training
  • Project Status Reports and Status Meetings
  • Test cases for testing completed by customer
TransitionFollowing the delivery of the finalized solution, training and testing, the Go Live of the solution will occur. Once all tasks are completed and approved by the partner and OIT, the project will be transitioned to the support model.
  • Closing documentation
  • Partner Project Survey