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Microsoft Teams & Planner: Creating sub-plans

When a new team is created within Microsoft Teams, a plan in Microsoft Planner is also created for that team. Fortunately, if a team wants to have multiple sub-plans, they can create them right in Teams without having to configure a new team

In your team channel select, “add a tab” + .

In the Add a tab dialog box, select the “Planner” tile.

By selecting “Create a new plan” in the Planner dialog box and clicking save, a new sub-plan will be created for the team. (Note: You can choose whether to post to the channel about the new tab with the checkbox on the bottom left of the dialog box.) 

Within the planner tab you can utilize many of the features present in Microsoft Planner right from Teams, such as being able to add, organize, and assign tasks. (Note: When members are assigned a task, they will receive an email notification regarding their assignment from Planner.) 

You can also gain valuable insights about your plan by selecting the “Charts” and “Schedule” tabs.

By selecting the globe icon on the top right corner in Teams, you can open the current plan in Microsoft Planner for further utilization.

You can also view, edit, and delete your plan within the “Planner Hub in Microsoft Planner.

Although Planner is well integrated with Teams, there are a few limitations: 

  • Cannot delete a plan from within Teams 
  • Cannot favorite a plan in Teams 
  • Cannot add people directly to plan from Teams, but can add them to the channel to view plan in Teams only