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Chatting and collaborating in Microsoft Teams

Start a new conversation

When you have a new topic or idea to introduce to the team, you can start a new conversation.

  1. Select a team and channel.
  2. In the Start a new conversation box, add your message and press Enter.

Add and enter your message in the Start a new conversation box

Reply to a conversation

Conversations in channels are organized by date and then threaded. The replies in threaded conversations are organized under the initial conversation and are easier to follow.

  1. Find the conversation thread you want to reply to.
  2. Select Reply, add your message, and press Enter.

Select Reply in the conversation thread you want to reply to, add your message and press Enter

Have fun with emojis and stickers

Express yourself and impress co-workers with customized stickers.

  1. Select Teams, and then select a channel.
  2. Select the Emoji icon icon in the compose message box.
  3. Select the desired sticker package.
  4. Select a sticker, enter a fun caption and select Done.

Select the smiley face to add emojis to your messages

Post something

  1. Select a channel, and then select Files.
  2. Select Upload, select a file and then Open.

Or, select Conversations, use @ to mention someone, and attach a file.

@mention someone

When you want someone to receive a notification for a message you’re sending, you can @mention the person. You can @mention a channel, a team, a person, or several people at once.

  1. In the Reply or New Conversation box, type the @ symbol, then type the first few letters of the person’s first name.
  2. In the Suggestions box, select the person. Repeat for as many people as you want to @mention.
  3. For those who you @mention, the symbol shows in the message in their Channel and on their Team icon. Check your Team icon now to see if someone has @mentioned you.

Stay on top of things with Activity and notifications

You can easily see when someone @mentions you, likes something you posted, or replies to a thread you started. A number appears or increments on the Activity and Chat icons and an @ appears on the Teams icon.

  1. Select the Activity icon.
  2. To view conversations that apply to you, select Notifications. Select Recent to view up-to-date Team conversations.

A number or increment will show on the Activity and Chat icon and an at sign will show on the Team icon for any mentions

Search for messages, people, or files

You can search across teams, channels, and files.

  1. Type a phrase in the Search box and selectSelect to start a search.
  2. Select MessagesPeople or Files.
  3. Select the item in the search results. Alternatively, you can click the Filter icon to sort or filter your search results.

Enter a message, person, or file in the search box and select the magnifying glass icon

Adding Integrations

Microsoft Teams is integrated with many apps that can be utilized for collaboration. To view apps/integrations:

1. Try adding a new tab:

Teams menu with new tab icon highlighted

2. This page shows tabs available to add, to add a new app/integration select Manage apps in the bottom right corner of the page.

Teams app selection page with more apps in bottom right highlighted

3.  This view shows existing apps/integrations, selecting More apps in the top right corner of the Apps window will pull up currently available apps/integrations.  If you’d like to add an integration not yet included in Teams, reach out to your delegated administrator.

Teams browse available apps/services page with sample apps shown


You can start a meeting or schedule a future meeting within your team at any time. To start a meeting with your team:

  1. Open your team
  2. Select the channel you wish to host your meeting in
  3. Click on the video camera symbol at the bottom of the page to set up a meeting
    Teams chat bar with video camera icon highlighted
  4. Add a subject so members know what the meeting is about
    Teams meeting prestart page, with subject field at the top and meet now at the center of the window
  5. Select Meet now
    1. Alternatively, you can select Schedule a meeting to set the meeting for a later date or time. You can also go to your Calendar tab in the left pane and highlight a timeslot you wish to meet during. Both options prompt the New meeting pop-up that lets you organize the meeting details.
      Teams calendar with time range highlightedTeams calendar schedule meeting page

Once the meeting has started, members and invited users can join the meeting in the channel itself, or through their calendar and alerts/activity. The meeting starts once the meeting organizer has joined. Each Teams-hosted meeting has a conference ID and a number that members can use to dial-in. There is also a chatroom within the meeting to collaborate with those who do not have audio in the meeting.

During a meeting, you have options to take meeting notes (these are saved to the team’s OneNote), view the meeting details, and record the meeting. Recorded meetings are saved to Microsoft Stream.  Your Team’s group in Microsoft Stream is private to your Team members. Additional information on Microsoft Stream can be found in our Streams Newsroom post.

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