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The request a new mailing list webtool in Mailman

The URL for the “Request a new mailing list” webtool is:

This form must be filled out in order to request a Mailman mailing list. Because Rutgers requires you to have a unique RU NetID to own a Mailman list, you are required to login to verify your NetID before you can fill out a list request form.

The form requires you to give us seven pieces of information before we can create a mailing list for you. These include:


Owner address

The owner address will automatically have your listed. This is because you had to log in to get to the request form page. If you would like to add additional owners (including other email addresses you use) you will be able to make those changes after the list is created.


List name

The name of the list must contain at least one underscore and cannot contain spaces i.e. ‘my_list_name’.


What steps are required for subscription?

Email confirmation required
This means that subscribers will have to confirm their subscription by responding to an email from Mailman.

Require list administrator approval for subscriptions
This means the Administrator will get an email from Mailman with the subscriber’s name and email addresss which they can then deny or approve.

Both confirm and approve
This means the subscriber will have to confirm their email and then Mailman will request approval from the Administrator. This is recommended.


Who can view the subscription list?

Allow anyone to view the list of subscribers.

List members
Allow subscribers to view the list of subscribers.

List admin only
Allow only list owners to view the subscribers. This option is recommended.


Advertise this list when people ask what lists are on this machine?

Do you want this list advertised when people view all public Mailman lists hosted by Rutgers?


Do you want your list to be moderated?

Should all messages be held for moderation, meaning the list owner or moderator will have to approve messages before they will be forwarded to the list. Setting this option to “Yes” is recommended.


Action to take for postings from non-members

Should mail from non-members be:

Any message from anyone, anywhere, will go through to the list — spammers love this option.

An owner or moderator will have to accept or reject each message manually.

The message will not go through, and Mailman will send a ‘you are not allowed to send to this list’ message to the sender. This option is recommended.

The message will not go through, and no notice will be sent to the sender.