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The ListInfo page and editing public Mailman pages

There is a List Information Page for each Mailman list (even those not listed publicly). The URL for these pages is with “your_list” replaced with the list of the Mailman list you are looking for.

This page contains information about the Mailman list. It includes an “About” section, a link to the Archives, if any exist, the email address of the list, a form to allow you to subscribe, and a form that will enable subscribers to edit their settings.

You can edit the appearance of the List Information Page, the Subscribe results page (which displays when someone uses the subscribe form), and the User-specific options page (if someone attempts to edit their settings).

The pages are HTML-based, with inserts of specific information from the list configuration pages. For example, the “About” section is taken from the info option on the General Options page.

You can also edit the welcome message file. The default message contains useful information on how to subscribe and unsubscribe from your list. The default message will also provide the user with a link to the user-specific options page as well as their member password, which will be required to alter their options. The welcome message which was set on the General Options page (welcome_msg option) will be added after the first line, which, by default, reads: “Welcome to the (list_address) mailing list!”