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Mailman viewing archives

If Archiving is turned on for your Mailman list, you can view them by going to the List Information Page for your list and clicking on the Archives link on that page.

The link to the Archives for any public Mailman list hosted at is and the link for any private list is (replace “your_list” with the name of the Mailman list you are looking up).

You can, of course, bookmark these sites to make returning to them easier.

Mailman created new volumes based on the rules defined in the Archiving Options.

The default option for Archive volumes is monthly.

You can view each Archive volume by Thread, Subject, Author, or Date. Thread sorts them chronologically by date but gathers emails in the same thread together, Subject sorts them alphabetically by Subject, Author sorts them by Author’s name then date, and Date sorts them chronologically by date.

Each volume can also be viewed in one long text file (allowing it to be downloaded and archived easily if needed).