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Mailman bounce processing

Bounce processing is an automated process by which Mailman tracks bounces from Mailman list members. It sets a value to each bounce it receives, keeping track of each list members’ bounce score. Once the bounce score is greater than the bounce score threshold the list member’s subscription is disabled. It can then only be reactivated by the member or a list administrator re-enabling it. Once the subscription is disabled Mailman will periodically send mail to the member reminding them that their membership has been disabled. These reminders contain information on how to re-enable the membership. After a few reminders, the member will be removed entirely from the list.

These options allow some automatic management of bad email addresses, taking some of the work load out of the hands of the list administrators. However, the responsibility remains in the hands of the administrators.

We recommend leaving these settings at their defaults. Changing these options can disable the bounce processing performed by Mailman possibly causing eventual degradation of the Mailman service if bad email addresses are not removed from mailing lists. If you alter these settings and this leads to a degradation of services, your list may be removed.

Bounce Processing

bounce processing screenshot

The bounce_processing option controls whether Mailman will perform bounce processing. Rutgers highly recommends leaving this set to Yes.


Bounce Score Threshold

bounce score threshold screenshot

The bounce_score_threshold controls how high a bounce score must be before Mailman takes action to disable a members subscription.

The bounce_info_stale_after option tells Mailman how many days with no bounces must pass before Mailman will discard the bounce information for a member. In the default, Mailman will discard bounce information for any member it does not receive a bounce from in a week.


Bounce You Are Disabled Warnings

bounce unrecognized screenshot

The bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings option controls how many warnings Mailman will send before completely removing the member from a list.

The bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings_interval option tells Mailman how many days it should wait between each Your Membership Is Disabled warning.


Bounce Unrecognized Goes To List Owner

bounce unrecognized screenshot

The bounce_unrecognized_goes_to_list_owner controls if Mailman sends bounce messages it cannot understand to the owners.


Bounce Notify Owner On Disable and Bounce Notify Owner On Removal

bounce notify screenshot

The bounce_notify_owner_on_disable and bounce_notify_owner_on_removal controls if Mailman will notify the owner(s) when users are disable or removed from the mailing list.