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How to email students in a class using Banner Self-Service for RBHS faculty

Banner Self-Service allows instructors to email all students in their class by following the instructions below.

1. To access Banner Self-Service, login to and select the Banner Self-Service tab.

Select banner self-service

2. Next, select the Faculty Services tab.

Access Banner Self-Service







3. Select Summary Class List.

Select Summary Class-List







4. Scroll down on the page to access the email section.

Access email section








5. Select Display Email List to show student emails.

Select Display Email List









6. Highlight all the displayed emails to select them and copy the email addresses.

Highlight all the displayed emails and copy them










7. Create a new email and paste the email addresses into the BCC field of your preferred email client. **It is important to use the BCC field to keep student contact information confidential from other students.**