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Is the Rutgers IT graphic available for general use?

The Rutgers IT graphic was created for use in materials where the Rutgers IT name is most appropriate—specifically, ones that are about services, resources, or community for all of Rutgers IT (not just the Office of Information Technology or a specific distributed IT department or unit). This is a graphic treatment of the Rutgers IT name, not a logotype, and must conform to Rutgers identity guidelines. All uses must be reviewed and approved by the IT communications team. This graphic cannot be altered or redesigned in any way.

Examples of its use can include:

  • posters promoting a Rutgers IT service (i.e. two-step login)
  • banners for Rutgers IT events
  • video screens highlighting IT services and support
  • Rutgers IT social media graphics
  • promotional items or materials for the Rutgers IT community

This graphic would NOT be used for:

  • materials when the Office of Information Technology name is most appropriate
  • business cards
  • website banners
  • any communications materials intended primarily for external audiences

In general, any materials with the Rutgers IT graphic should also include the Rutgers logotype. Please contact the IT communications team if you’re interested in using the Rutgers IT graphic.

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