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Quick axe Monitor reference guide

This guide was created with the intended purpose of aiding Rutgers based users to better navigate and use the axe Monitor tool from Deque. If at any time you need help or guidance, you can contact the Web Accessibility Team for Rutgers at, or contact the Deque Help Desk at

User Login

Visit the Rutgers axe Monitor to log in.

Logins to the backend of the system are limited and only assigned to users who will utilize the system for scans and project management. If you do not have a login, please contact the Accessibility Liaison within your team. If you are unsure of who this is or if one has been appointed, please contact the Web Accessibility Team at

Official User Guide

At the very top right portion of every web page, the Example access Help Docs button is a link that directs you to the Deque User Guide. When clicked from any part of the axe Monitor tool, it will send you to the specific portion of the User Guide which relates to the page you were on when clicked.

This guide provided by the Web Accessibility Team is to provide new-users a jump start with getting acclimated to the tool. Advanced explanations or questions can be provided within the User Guide.

Diving In

Learn more Deque through the following sections:

  • Navigation
    Understanding axe Monitor’s top-down navigation method.
  • Project Dashboard
    See the Scan Results in the project Dashboard and getting to know the data presented.
  • Project Issues
    Learn how to find and understand the issues related to your project.
  • Running Scans
    Learn the methods to running the Initial Scan, or creating your own.
  • Exporting Data
    Sharing your data through xls sheets or by hyperlink.
  • Making a New Project
    How to make new projects for separate URLs.