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Evaluation and development tools

Here are some free tools and browser toolbars that web developers may use to check a website’s accessibility according to international standards and guidelines.

Accessibility markup analyzers

Accessibility Bookmarklets – Used by Accessibility team
These bookmarklets contain Javascript and run on your page. By clicking the bookmark in a page, it highlights landmarks, headings, lists, images, and forms. They also list out the contents of each item including alt text.
Available for: 


AIS Web Accessibility Toolbar
Provided by AIS, the Web Accessibility Toolbar (WAT) functions on Windows XP with Internet Explorer 5+. The WAT can be used to check many of the Checkpoints from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
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Accessibility Evaluation Toolbar
Provided by Firefox, the toolbar aids web developers in testing resources for accessibility based on iCITA HTML Best Practices.
Available for: 


AInspector Sidebar
AInspector Sidebar is an add-on for Firefox. Once downloaded, the sidebar evaluates the current (and then each subsequent) page that the user loads in the browser within a single tab. AInspector also provides screen reader support for column header information.
Available for: 


Developed by Deque, aXe is an open source JavaScript library that allows for automated testing inside of your browser of choice. It is also available in plugins for both Chrome and Firefox.
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Functional Accessibility Evaluator (FAE) 2.0
Developed by the Open Accessibility Alliance and OpenAjax Accessibility Task Force, the FAE analyzes web pages for the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.
Available for: 


WAVE (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool) – Used by Accessibility team
Provided by WebAIM, WAVE can be used directly within Firefox and Chrome.
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Web Accessibility Toolbar (WAT) for IE
The WAT can be downloaded and used to manually examine webpages for accessibility
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WorldSpace Attest DevTools – Used by Accessibility team
Created by Deque, this tool is built into the Chrome inspect tools to scan for accessibility issues within a website and outputs solutions to fix these. It also provides screen reader simulation, utilize custom rulesets, and be integrated with WorldSpace Comply.
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HTML/CSS validators

W3C CSS Validator
May be used to check CSS and (X)HTML documents with style sheets.
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W3C HTML Validator
May be used to check the markup of Web documents.
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Color contrast analyzers

Accessible Colors – Used by Accessibility team
Accessible Colors uses the combination of hex colors and data on the text size to output a pass or fail by WCAG 2.0 standards. It also provides possible solutions if the inputed color combination fails.
Available for: 


Color Contrast Analyzer for Chrome
Developed by North Carolina State University, the Color Contrast Analyzer for Chrome analyzes text over images or gradients, text in images, and gives a contrast-overview of the webpage to be analyzed.
Available for: 


Color Pallet Accessibility Evaluator
Developed by North Carolina State University, the Color Palette Evaluator compares submitted color combinations to see which colors comply with WCAG 2.0 specifications.
Available for: 


Colorblind Web Page Filter
Provided by, the Colorblind Web Page Filter allows users to type a URL and then choose the color filter to test from a dropdown menu.
Available for: 


Contrast-A – Used by Accessibility team
Contrast-A is a color combination checker that checks color contrast in accordance with the WCAG. Contrast-A can simulate the results of various types of color deficiencies.
Available for: 


WebAIM Color Contrast Checker
Allows you to enter a selected foreground and background color and produce a score for contrast, as well as an example. It also provides functionality to lighten or darken selected colors to find a more accessible luminosity.
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Screen reader emulators

Fangs (Screen Reader Emulator)
Fangs is an Add-on to Firefox and is used by developers to find issues in web pages that might affect people using a screen-reader. The Add-on is free, but you can choose to make a $2 donation before you download it.
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